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Month: September 2021

Executive Medical Checkup

Executive Medical Checkup

Too many executives fail to seek the quality health care or a medical examination they need and ignore lifestyle factors that pose a risk to their health, such as sedentary habits, stress, and longer work hours. 

Don’t be one of them.

It makes perfect sense for companies to protect the health of their best talent. But sometimes even those who run the business feel they don’t have time to take care of their health and to heed any symptoms, let alone take part in any health management assessments. That’s where health management programs, exercise physiologists, and comprehensive health checkups are invaluable. 

Preventative Medicine, and the comprehensive health assessments and services carried out by our specialists at our HealthScreen facility accommodate busy work schedules while supporting the productivity and wellness of your company’s key players in the long term. 

What is an executive medical checkup?

Times have changed in the world of medicine and it’s now not enough to simply have a checkup every year with your local doctor (or a standard physical done by other executive health companies) who do the usual physical examination and a blood test. These tests are worthwhile, but can only offer very limited information about your health. 

The only way to fully diagnose problems early, identifying health risks and thoroughly assessing an employee’s health status, is with advanced imaging technology as part of executives’ health management programs.

For employees, executive health assessments ensure they’re at their mental and physical best and eager to perform their tasks throughout their working lives. An executive health check can help in identifying health risks to minimise future health problems like heart disease and stroke and to respond to common risk factors like diabetes, blood pressure and high cholesterol.

executive medical checkup executive health assessment

What is included in the executive checkup?

Our health management programs and health coaching starts by obtaining a full medical history from a patient, including relevant family history. A doctor will tailor an examination for all patients, with wide-ranging elective options to attend to explicit corporate needs, worries or medical conditions. If you are our patient, you’ll also receive a comprehensive report. Our professional medicos, hand-picked concierge and clinical staff members will make sure you have a true, 6-star experience.

All our testing is done at the clinic and in one day and includes:

  • Early detection through advanced screening with the latest MRI targeted imaging technology of 20 of the most common cancers
  • Bowel Cancer assessment and prevention
  • Calcium score and CT Coronary Angiography assessment for coronary heart disease 
  • Stroke risk (cerebrovascular disease) assessment
  • Genetic screening and epigenetic clock (biological age test)
  • Advanced laboratory tests
  • Body composition analysis and bone densitometry (bone density test)
  • Intellectual functioning, cognitive health analysis with WASI –II
  • Sleep apnoea screening and sleep health evaluation, plus much more

Why an executive medical checkup is important for you and your colleagues/company

The health and wellbeing of your employees are critical to the long term success of your organisation and your company’s executives are its future. Preventative executive health care, investigations and early diagnosis of staff medical health needs are powerful tools that can show risks before they lead to serious diseases. Comprehensive executive health checks can help identify medical problems early so they have more chance of a cure.

The benefits of an executive medical checkup

Comprehensive health assessments can help to improve your executives’ health awareness and encourage them to change some of their work and life choices. One of the benefits to any company of a health assessment and health coaching is a team of healthy executives which decreases the risk of lost work hours due to ill health or injury.

Executive Health Assessment

The only facility in Australia where you can access comprehensive early diagnostic imaging for executive health solutions with MRI  is in Melbourne at HealthScreen. MRI is the safest, most accurate method of Diagnostic Imaging. It’s a radiation-free diagnostic tool that is more effective than CT scans for parts of the body like the prostate, the brain and the pancreas.

At HealthScreen, our executive health solutions, personal training and comprehensive medical program for corporation staff and bosses offer state-of-the-art diagnostic and screening in a world-class facility with top-level individualised care. 
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