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Full Medical Check Up Melbourne

HealthScreen's medical check up Melbourne is a new revolutionary advancement in the field of early detection and preventative medicine. It is the first of its kind in Australia!

Our highly advanced medical assessments provide an in depth, comprehensive, and highly personalised assessment of your health. This includes early detection and diagnosis of the most common cancers and diseases - including risk of stroke, heart disease, cancer, DNA/Genetic testing for cancer risk, exercise physiology and nutrition analysis, as well as a comprehensive full body health check up Melbourne.

What makes HealthScreen superior to other medical assessments available in Melbourne?

HealthScreen is the only Medical Facility in Australia to offer such comprehensive early diagnostic imaging with MRI. MRI is not only better than CT for such areas as the brain, prostate and pancreas but also it is radiation-free. It is the safest and most accurate way of diagnostic imaging.

Advanced cardiac check up of your heart is performed with state-of-the-art technology including Coronary Calcium score and CT Coronary Angiograms. In short, HealthScreen provides the most comprehensive, advanced and in-depth preventative health assessments in Australia.

You’ll also experience gold standard patient care and highly personalised service by our leading doctors, administrative and concierge staff - ensuring you'll feel comfortable, informed, and well-taken care of every stage of your medical assessment.

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What is a Medical Assessment?

A medical assessment is an examination of the body to detect any potential health concerns and/or to check overall health, fitness, and wellbeing. HealthScreen medical assessment is designed to pick up problems before you develop any signs or symptoms of disease, and therefore lead to better health outcomes. Medical tests may be done as a general preventative health check, and can even be used for employment purposes (evaluating whether a worker meets certain health requirements needed for the role) or executive health.

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Federal Health Minister, Greg Hunt MP, opening HealthScreen centre

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Advanced Medical Imaging Technology

At HealthScreen, our medical assessments are more advanced than your standard check ups, involving highly Advanced Diagnostic Testing and state-of-the-art Medical Imaging. We use the latest MRI and CT Imaging Technology to comprehensively assess the state of your health and provide you with the detailed information you need to optimise your future Health.

Our Comprehensive assessment can detect early cancers, heart disease, aneurysms, cerebrovascular disease and other “silent killers” that are often missed in a typical physical exam or routine blood tests. HealthScreen medical assessments are at the forefront of Preventative Medicine and have revolutionised the concept of Health Risk Assessment.

We also make sure that your medical exam is personalised with a broad range of elective options to address any of your specific concerns or medical problems. Plus, you’ll always be well-informed and guided throughout every stage of the medical examination process for your complete peace of mind.


What’s Involved in a Full Medical Check Up at HealthScreen?

HealthScreen medical examinations involve three main stages - your initial appointment visit/consultation, medical testing and assessments, and the final review of all your results (plus follow up visits if required). You can find more info on what’s involved in our full medical examinations at HealthScreen by visiting the What To Expect page.

The types of medical assessments and tests you may undergo can differ depending on your specific concerns or any existing medical problems.

With that in mind, here are some of the things you can expect to be involved in a full body medical test at Healthscreen:

Medical Examination Process Components

  1. Detailed Medical History & Physical Examination
  2. Comprehensive Lab Analysis & Blood Profile
  3. Complete Cardiac and Stroke Risk Evaluation
  4. Advanced Diagnostic Medical Imaging
  5. Physician Consultation & Comprehensive Report

All medical testing is done on-site and in one day, including:

  • Advanced Screening and Early Detection of 20 most common cancers with the latest MRI targeted imaging technology
  • Coronary Heart Disease assessment including Calcium Score and CT Coronary Angiography
  • Cerebrovascular Disease (Stroke Risk) Assessment
  • Bowel Cancer Assessment and Prevention
  • Genetic Screening and Biological Age Test (Epigenetic Clock)
  • Advanced Laboratory Tests
  • Body Composition Analysis and Bone Densitometry
  • Cognitive and Mental Health Analysis
  • Sleep Health Evaluation and at-home Sleep Apnoea screening, and much more.

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Who Can Benefit From A Medical Assessment At HealthScreen?

Anyone who is health-conscious and is interested in improving their health, longevity and assessing specific individual risk factors are welcomed to take HealthScreen medical examinations and will benefit from the highly detailed results from our tests.

We believe that early diagnosis and prevention is the most effective approach to living a healthier and happier life, which is why we highly recommend anyone who prioritises their health and wellbeing to undergo our advanced medical examinations at HealthScreen.

Standard blood tests and physical assessments only provide very limited information about your Health. By taking advanced HealthScreen medical exams, you’ll be one step closer to taking more beneficial steps to improve your health, longevity and your quality of life for years to come.


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How Often Should You Get a Medical Assessment?

The frequency and extent of your medical assessments is individualised depending on your previous results, medical and family history and your individual risk assessment. This will be advised by our doctors at follow up consultations

Where to Get a Melbourne Medical Check Up

HealthScreen is the leading preventative health facility based in Melbourne, Australia.

After meeting our highly renowned team of health practitioners at HealthScreen, you’ll be impressed by the amount of care, consideration, and personalisation we include in every one of your appointments and throughout your medical tests. We are passionate about Health and Preventative Medicine.

Not all health assessments are the same and HealthScreen is at the forefront of Preventative Medicine. If you’ve been searching online for a truly comprehensive  ‘medical check up near me’ or in Melbourne, then look no further - contact us or schedule your next appointment on our website today.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does the Medical Check Up at HealthScreen cost?

We have a number of Health Assessment options. Please contact our office for details.

Are Health Assessment different for men and women?

Yes. There are a number of different pathways depending on gender and individual risk assessment.

When will I know my results from the Medical Tests?

Following your comprehensive assessment all your results are collated and then discussed at a consultation with the doctor, usually two weeks after your initial visit.

What happens after I receive results from the Health Tests?

After all your medical examinations and assessments have been completed and the results have come in, you’ll have an extended meeting with your doctor at HealthScreen to review all screening and test results. Your physician will determine required follow ups and coordinate preferred appointments with specialists and will discuss and review proposed personal wellness plans. A comprehensive written report will be provided to your family physician/General Practitioner to enable continuity of care.

When will I see my doctor during my Medical Testing?

You will meet twice with our doctors – initial comprehensive assessment of your full medical history and a physical exam including assessment for skin cancers, and then again at the completion of all your tests to discuss results and recommendations. You will have the time with your HealthScreen doctor to get answers to all your questions.