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Why HealthScreen?

The Future of Preventative Medicine

HealthScreen is the Next Generation medical facility combining early detection and diagnosis with advanced imaging technology and an integrated individually tailored Preventative Medicine program.

HealthScreen is the only Medical Facility in Australia to offer such comprehensive Early Diagnostic Imaging with MRI. MRI is not only better than CT for such areas as the brain, prostate and pancreas but also it is radiation-free. It is the safest and most accurate way of diagnostic imaging.

Unfortunately very few of us die from ’the old age’. It is usually cancer, heart disease and strokes that cut our lives short. So we decided on a simple and logical approach. We identified what medical conditions are likely to reduce your life expectancy and decided to change the equation.

So what are these diseases and how can we screen for these?

Advanced Screening and Early Detection for 20 most common cancers:
Brain CancerMRI
Breast CancerMRI
Cervical CancerPap smear
Bowel CancerColonoscopy
Head and neck cancerMRI
Kidney CancerMRI
Liver CancerMRI
Lung CancerMRI
MyelomaProtein Electrophoresis
NH LymphomaMRI
Oesophageal CancerGastroscopy
Ovarian CancerMRI
Pancreatic CancerMRI
Prostate CancerPSA  / MRI
Stomach CancerGastroscopy
Thyroid CancerMRI
Uterine CancerMRI

Your combined lifetime risk of developing one of these cancers is actually very high - 1 in 2 (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare 2019).

Early Detection offers the best chance of cure.

The latest MRI technology is the most accurate way of early diagnosis and screening. It is safe and radiation free.

Our key differentiator is our advanced MRI diagnostic technology, comprehensive integrated assessment, and quality of our service through every step of the examination.

Our medical experts, hand-picked clinical and concierge staff are here to ensure that you have a true 6-star patient experience.

Other major causes of mortality over 40:
Coronary Heart Disease and Stroke

Advanced Screening and Early Detection:

Coronary heart disease – Coronary Artery Disease is the leading cause of death in the western society. The identification of your risk is a central component to subsequent treatment and improvement in your health. Coronary Artery Calcium Scoring is a very accurate and reproducible way of detecting coronary artery disease and to estimate future risk of cardiac events. CT Coronary Artery Angiography provides an additional non-invasive and detailed assessment of your coronary arteries and is extremely accurate in excluding significant cardiac disease.

Cerebrovascular Disease and Stroke Risk – Your assessment includes testing for all major causes of stroke including ECG to test for Atrial Fibrillation, Cholesterol and Triglycerides, Blood Pressure and advanced MRI and Ultrasound Duplex Imaging of carotid arteries. Narrowing of carotid arteries caused by plaque (atherosclerosis) is a major cause of stroke.

Advanced Body Composition Assessment

With HOLOGIC InnerCore™ Visceral Fat Assessment, the Advanced Body Composition assessment is a more comprehensive way to measure body composition compared to other methods on the market. It provides you % body fat, total lean mass, bone density, limb comparison for muscle imbalance detection, visceral fat and more. We call it the BodyLogic™ scan.

Bowel Cancer Prevention

Bowel cancer (also known as colorectal cancer) is the third most common type of newly diagnosed cancer in Australia. Bowel cancer usually develops for a pre-cancerous growth (polyp). Colonoscopy is currently the most accurate way of detecting and the only means of removing polyps from the bowel. If polyps are left untreated, a significant percentage of these will eventually develop into bowel cancer. Polyps rarely produce symptoms and usually are discovered by inspection at the time of colonoscopy, so early identification of polyps is the best method of bowel cancer prevention.
Most polyps can be safely removed during a colonoscopy to help prevent bowel cancer.

Our highly experienced specialist endoscopists provide the highest level of expertise in diagnostic and therapeutic colonoscopy.

Mental Health Assessment and Wellbeing Program

We understand unique challenges faced by leadership teams and executives today. We offer a comprehensive holistic evidence-based assessment of both physical and mental state to develop a comprehensive understanding of your health. Each executive health physical starts with an in-depth meeting with your executive health physician to understand your overall health and identify any concerns.

We provide multilayered packages of validated psychological evaluations and assessments designed to complement our physical assessments. These include Employee / Management Workplace Satisfaction and Workplace Stress assessment with HSE Management Standards Indicator as well as Depression, Anxiety and Psychological Stress assessment with DASS-21 to determine your current working conditions and mental health, and enable us to monitor future improvements.

Each sector of your physical and mental health interacts synergistically, and so it just makes sense to consider all areas when building a complete health profile. Our comprehensive Wellbeing Program at HealthScreen leaves the old limited approach behind and takes a new holistic look at the health of executives.

Genetic Screening

Proactive genetic testing offers healthy adults without a strong personal or family history of disease an opportunity to learn about how their genes could potentially impact their health.

We offer three testing options that analyze up to 147 genes that are well-established indicators of a significantly increased risk of developing hereditary cancers, cardiovascular conditions, and other medically important disorders.

Biological Age Test (Your Real Age assessment with Epigenetic Clock)

This advanced biological age assessment is exclusive to HealthScreen and uses state-of-the-art Genetic Technology to assess your true Biological Age. Biological Age may be higher or lower than your chronological age and will depend on your lifestyle, diet, exercise, genetics and anti-ageing medication. Biological Age (your ‘real age’) is a better measure of determining your health and the risk of age-related diseases than chronological age.

Sleep Health Assessment

We spend approximately one third of our life sleeping. Sleep has historically been thought of as a restful state of the body with little or no activity. However we now know that Sleep is an active phase of our life. The brain goes through multiple brain rhythms during this phase which is intricately linked to almost all our organ systems. Poor sleep has been found to increase risk of almost all illnesses particularly cardiovascular health, mental health problems and even cancer. Sleep often gets neglected, most people with sleep disorders are not symptomatic and hence remain undiagnosed for long. Managing healthy sleep and identifying sleep disorders such as sleep disordered breathing, restless legs syndrome, REM behavioural disorders therefore offers an exciting new dimension to preventative health. HealthScreen Sleep Evaluation and at-home Sleep Apnoea screening is an integral part of your overall health assessment.

Nutrition, Exercise and Lifestyle

At HealthScreen our aim is not only to provide the most comprehensive health assessment but to also provide you with a prescription for better health and longevity. Nutrition, Exercise and Lifestyle are all important components of this prescription.

Our comprehensive consultation with an Accredited Nutritionist and Dietician will provide in-depth dietary assessment and development of an individualised Nutrition Plan.

Our exclusive partnership with leading fitness and personal training expert Sam Wood means that once you’ve received your results we will provide you with access to his expert advice and guidance, either from the comfort of your own home with a customised online training program or in person with a team of expert exercise physiologists.

We are here to help you Take Control of Your Health.