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Herald  Sun

Hampton Day Hospital’s HealthScreen program ‘most advanced’ in Australia

Jordy Atkinson, Bayside Leader | November 22, 2019 12:30pm

A new hospital has opened in Hampton today, offering world-leading MRI screening that detects early cancers and “silent killers” often missed in routine tests.

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7NEWS Melbourne

The super scans exposing hidden health problems

1:25 PM · Dec 12, 2019

For anyone wondering if a health problem is brewing, there's a new way of finding out. A high-tech screening service scans patients from top to toe looking for signs of cancer and other diseases - before symptoms emerge.

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22 November 2019

'What you see here is the Future of Medicine. The HealthScreen concept is about a one-stop shop where you can look at 20 different cancers, cardiac, stroke risk at the same time... so people can have this peace of mind'

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Sam Wood on HealthScreen

20 November 2019

Sam Wood on losing his mum at 15: 'I hope I'm doing her proud'

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Daily Mail

The secret to a long life: Doctor and 'longevity expert' reveals his diet and lifestyle advice - and why you should never have more than two wines a day


Dr David Badov longevity diet and lifestyle advice you MUST know to prevent disease and ageing.

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Dr David Badov on ‘A Current Affair’

4th December 2020

'Definitely you can reverse your biological age both with lifestyle and anti-ageing medication.'

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A Fountain of Youth? Can you reverse your Biological Age?

A Current Affair on 9Now 21st August 2021

Join us for a unique experiment as our three participants, including journalist Chris Allen, embark on a journey to better health and longevity guided by our team at HealthScreen. After a comprehensive health assessment and advanced health checks at HealthScreen including screening for heart disease, early cancer detection, body composition , genetic and biological age tests, our health warriors launch into a journey to reverse their biological age.

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Can you reverse your Biological Age?

A Current Affair on 9Now 2nd April 2022

Many people would like to turn back time and become younger. Now, medical researchers think it's possible.

A Current Affair has been following an experiment which shows they could be right.

Join our team at HealthScreen to see the results! After a complete health check at HealthScreen including advanced screening for heart disease and early cancer detection, our health warriors launch into a journey to reverse their biological age and improve their health.

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