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Health Of The Nation Sam Wood

Health Of The Nation

Sam Wood talks about getting the most comprehensive health assessment in Australia

Health Of The Nation

Sam Wood talks about getting the most comprehensive health assessment in Australia

Your Health Is Your Most Important Asset

“The Health of the Nation survey of more than 3000 Australians, commissioned for the campaign, reveals 80% of Australians concede they need to be more active, six out of 10 Australians believe they are overweight, and 40% are junk food junkies.”

“The study also found only 50% of parents play outside with their children for one-three hours each week. Health of the Nation ambassador Sam Wood, health and fitness specialist with 25 years’ experience, says inactive parents were probably unaware of the habits they had created for themselves, which ultimately reflected on the future generation of children.”

“The Health of the Nation campaign is presented nationally in partnership with Woolworths. Woolworths is partnering with the Health of the Nation initiative, with the supermarket focused on making healthier choices more affordable for customers, encouraging the consumption of more seasonal fresh Australian food through programs like Free Fruit for Kids, and making changes like removing kids confectionery from checkouts.”


Get a full body health check and get peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

Healthy eating and exercise are important, but a full health assessment should be a priority to identify current medical issues or future health problems. A complete health assessment allows you to take control of your health and could save your life.

Health Assessments Can Be Completed In 1 Day At Our State-Of-The-Art Melbourne Health & Longevity Centre

What makes HealthScreen the number one choice:

  1. Advanced MRI for targeting 20 most common cancers
  2. Comprehensive physical and mental assessment
  3. Heart disease & stroke risk + lab analysis
  4. Industry leading medical experts
  5. High quality personal service


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Sam Wood Health Assessment

What Do We Test?

Health assessments can be customised to suit your needs

Comprehensive Medical Examination

Mental Health Assessment

Body Composition Scan

Skin Check

Blood & Urine Analysis

Biological Age Test

DNA / Genetic Screen

Electrocardiogram (ECG)

Heart Health Assessment

Brain Aneurysm & Stroke Risk


Thyroid Function Test & Imaging


Liver & Pancreas




Ovaries & Uterus