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HealthScreen TV

Discover the secrets to a longer, healthier and more sustainable life.

Health Checks, Longevity, Nutrition, Anti-Ageing medication, Exercise, Fitness and Lifestyle after 40 - everything you wanted to know for a longer and happier life.

Interviews with Health and Longevity experts to provide medical and proven scientific advice to unlock the secret to longevity, and make you a Super-Ager. Hear Chapters from around the world - with people who have shifted the paradigm of health and the human age.

Episode 1: Sam Wood On Health

Sam Wood, one of Australia's leading experts on Health and Fitness, joins us today to share his outlook on Fitness after 50, exercise routines and tips for longevity.

Episode 3: Associate Professor William Kemp on Liver Health and Liver Health Checks

Associate Professor William Kemp on Liver Health Checks. Uncovering the Secrets of Fatty Liver Disease, How Much Alcohol Is Safe For The Liver? What Is The Best Diet For Your Liver Health And Longevity? Do Liver Cleansing Diets and Detox Work?

Episode 4: Larry Kestelman

Prominent businessman and Executive Director of the National Basketball League, Larry Kestelman, shares his insights on Executive and Corporate Health Screening, exercise and how to achieve balance between the workload of a busy executive and family life.