Corporate executives on busy schedules often sacrifice their health in favour of things that would help the company and the people around them. Most executives know in the back of their mind that poor nutrition, working long hours and lack of exercise lead to stress, high blood pressure, heart disease and other serious health problems. The problem is, many executives don’t address their health concerns until they become serious health conditions. If this sounds like you it is time for a medical checkup. And even more so if you’ve had a niggle or twinge or even the slightest feeling that something is not right it’s time for an executive health check.

Early diagnosis and investigations of some of the major illnesses suffered by executives means you have a much better chance of identifying potential health problems before they become serious conditions.

At HealthScreen, part of our service is to provide high tech executive medical checkups to identify potential health and medical issues in our patients as early as possible. An appointment for one of our services including a full checkup is done onsite in just one day at our Hampton Day Hospital in Melbourne. You can expect assessments of your medical history and lifestyle that will assist you in attaining a healthy body, which typically includes:

  • The latest MRI targeted imaging technology, used for advanced screening and early detection of 20 of the most common cancers. 
  • An assessment of potential bowel cancer and prevention
  • An assessment of possible coronary heart disease including a  calcium score and CT coronary angiography
  • Stroke risk assessment
  • Epigenetic clock (biological age test), and genetic screening
  • Bone density test
  • Management/employee workplace stress assessment
  • WASI –II cognitive and intellectual functioning health analysis with a sleep health evaluation and at-home sleep apnoea screening

Standard Executive Medical Checkups 

Standard Executive Medical Checkups

An appointment and consultation at a ‘standard’ executive assessment centre can only provide a ‘standard’ physical examination and routine blood tests, urine testing and a lipid profile, but this kind of assessment will only provide a limited amount of information about your personal risks and total health and wellbeing. HealthScreen Executive Health programs are dramatically more advanced and informative. Only an evaluation with advanced imaging technology can completely fill the need for a comprehensive and factually detailed executive health assessment and early diagnosis. 

With the early detection of an illness or condition that could lead to a major problem, you can take positive action on your health and wellbeing long before it’s too late. What’s more, with executive health assessments you’ll have more information and complete peace of mind that results from the knowledge that you’re doing everything you possibly can to take good care of your health so you live a longer, happier and more productive life. 

Advanced Executive Medical Checkups at Healthscreen

Advanced Medical Imaging Technology

HealthScreen is Australia’s only Medical Facility that offers such an advanced level of comprehensive executive health assessments and services. Our aim is to assist our clients towards a healthier life, including targeted diagnostic imaging and early cancer detection with an MRI, which is the most accurate, safe method of diagnostic imaging. Being radiation-free, MRI is better than CT scans for areas of the body like the pancreas, prostate and brain. Cardiac disease risk assessment with Calcium score and Stroke risk assessment are an important part of our comprehensive program. 

Apart from the assessments mentioned above, our services include advanced laboratory tests, body composition and bone density, biological age, two consultations with a physician to discuss your findings and map a course for better health, and much more during a same-day service. Your examination will provide more information about your fitness and is customised for you, with wide-ranging elective options for addressing any medical problems, health risks, your current health status or specific health concerns.

Take Control of Your Health Today at Healthscreen

Advanced Health Assessment

For a 6-star executive health check by top-rated and experienced medical practitioners, HealthScreen offers the most effective, comprehensive and advanced service with a revolutionary approach to preventative health assessment, investigations and evaluation. We believe in a proactive style of health assessment and executive health checks, and you receive a comprehensive report outlining what we find. The process involves investigating your risk factors including genetic testing of 147 genes that are well-established indicators of a significantly increased risk of developing hereditary cancers, cardiovascular conditions, and other medically important disorders.

At HealthScreen, our proactive policies and services help our specialists to diagnose many possible future conditions that could pose a risk to your health and assists our patients and their family members to benefit by maintaining a healthy lifestyle with exercise, good sleep patterns for mental health, and a healthy diet. 

Your HealthScreen specialists will assess your risk factors and health needs in a stress-free environment, and when your assessment test results are complete, the doctors draw up a personal program including exercise to help you on the road to better health, wellness, fitness, longevity and an active lifestyle.

Your health is important to us and our HealthScreen executive and corporate health assessment program offers a world-class standard of individualised personal care, state-of-the-art health screening, diagnostic and next-generation medical facilities. Our executive health process combines diagnostic screening with an integrated individually tailored preventative medicine plan and an avant-garde, multi-modality advanced imaging technology.

Who doesn’t want to be in good executive health so they can spend more time with the ones you love and care about, doing the things that make you happy? Our experts in medicine and health, clinical and concierge staff members are dedicated to seeing you glow with wellness. For further information, call us today at HealthScreen for an executive health assessment and start taking care of your health. Make an appointment today and chat with a HealthScreen doctor about our comprehensive health assessments.